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M108-450 Transmitter Combiner

The M108-450 transmitter combiners cover 450-512 MHz at 150 watts (W) per channel for analog and digital systems, including Project 25 (P25) and Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)/TRBO. These combiners feature 8-inch, three-quarter wave cavities for excellent performance with close channel spacing, and up to 10 channels in the same rack. Up to 8 cavities can also be mounted vertically for narrow aisles. Each 24.5-inch height panel combines 5 channels into a common antenna, with space available for a duplexer, preselector, power monitoring and receiver distribution panel.

R8000B Communications System Analyzer
Freedom Communication Technologies

Freedom Communication Technologies announced Project 25 (P25) Phase 2 test capability for its R8000B communications system analyzer. The new option performs complete harmonized continuous phase (H-CPM) and harmonized differential quadrature phase shift keyed (H-DQPSK) modulation and analysis, error vector magnitude (EVM) analysis, in-phase and quadrature (I/Q) constellation, and other measurements.

SM27W1 Microphone
Hytera Communications

The SM27W1 remote speaker microphone (RSM) helps expand the reach of a radio core, provides good penetrability, and has both volume and channel adjust functions, company officials said. The mic provides communications nearly 33 feet away from a vehicle and has a battery life of 16 hours. The product is suitable for mobile and police dispatching.

DMR Product Line

JVCKENWOOD USA announced a line of VHF/UHF radios that operate in Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier 2 and include the TK-D240V/D340V portable and TK-D740HV/D840HU mobile radios. The portables have a durable and compact form and meet IP54/55 standards for dust and water intrusion. A voice announcement feature allows operation without looking at the display, company officials said. The company also introduced the TKR-D710/D810 repeaters, which have a DMR Tier 2 compatible interface, 30-channel capacity, digital display and an Application Interface Specification (AIS) IP console interface option.

MAX Dispatch Version 3.0

Zetron announced MAX Dispatch version 3.0, including expanded support for Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Application Interface Specification (AIS) Tiers 2 and 3. The support enables DMR features such as console high-priority transmission and emergency outbound calls. Other additions in the release include an enhanced radio user interface feature for NEXEDGE, DMR and Project 25 (P25) Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI).

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